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We serve as your Co-sourcing Partner focusing on billing, coding and collections with our Optimal team members working in house at your medical practice.

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With over 20 years in the business, New York-based, Optimal Billing Solutions has built a stronghold in the healthcare industry by offering full service billing and collections and revenue management. Optimal Billing Solutions establishes a close partnership with its clients from all sectors of healthcare billing including private practitioners, surgical centers, doctors, hospitals, treatment facilities, clinics, and physician and doctor groups. Paying attention to an ever changing healthcare landscape and staying on top of policy and regulations and important billing changes are essential when it comes to keeping the financial foundation of clients strong. At Optimal Billing Solutions, responsive management and transparency are what sets the company apart, founded on the principles of integrity and commitment to success.


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Million in collected annual revenue

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Complete healthcare revenue cycle management providing exceptional billing and collection services.

Optimal Billing Solution is a leading provider of medical billing services. Unlike traditional medical billing companies, Optimal Billing is unique because it was founded in coordination with a group of physicians to directly address and resolve the A/R, billing and remittance challenges that many medical professionals face in their day-to-day practice operations.

Setting the standard to successfully process and manage claims for the highest insurance reimbursements.

Simply put, the easiest way to ensure any job gets done right is to hire an expert. At Optimal, we utilize our many years of expertise in medical billing and consulting to achieve maximum revenue for your practice while allotting you the time you deserve to deliver world- class patient care.


Growing. Together.

Optimal Billing Solutions is dedicated to consistently delivering outstanding results with highly-experienced staff.

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